Hi All,
My name is Bruce Levick and I am a photographer with a passion for capturing this beautiful world from animals to people and landscape photography.
I have been residing in Sumatra for my 6th year now documenting and working with the amazing Sumatran elephant. From individuals to elephant camps and wild herds I have been traversing through the jungles of Sumatra to document these critically endangered animals to get a better understanding of their situation and the issues they face in their fight to survive.
This is the central place where I will post all my work, photography and videography for the elephants of Sumatra and of course asking for help with projects that we are responsible for or working to help. I have also created an online shop where you can purchase canvas prints and tee shirts that will help to fund this work. All money raised through here goes directly to supporting me and the projects I have to help raise awareness and create conservation solutions for the critically endangered elephants of Sumatra.

I’m a creative at heart with a deep love for animals. I’ve spent the best part of the last 10 years creating photography and videography work to help tell stories to make a difference and found my passion working for the late Steve Irwin at Australia Zoo. My photography work has been published around the world and my film work has also been used in national geographic documentaries.

Working for Australia Zoo

In 2012 I arrived in Sumatra to help save the beautiful baby Bona. What initially was a short term emergency milk supply run for the orphan Bona turned into 7 months of personally hand raising baby Bona four times per day until she did not require milk anymore.

The project became a life changing event for me now based on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia and devote a large portion of my time and efforts documenting the last remaining elephants of Sumatra and creating conservation projects around my documentary photography with my local NGO doing what we can to help where needed with a focus on elephant conservation and humanitarian projects where needed.

Hand raising baby Bona

​Every month I travel to a new location on the island of Sumatra documenting the elephants, be it elephants in the wild or elephants inside the camps scattered across Sumatra. There is much we need to learn about these amazing animals and their struggles and I aim to bring this to the attention of as many people as possible through photography and film work.

​You can join me to on this journey by becoming a patron of my work.

​Thank you


My love and passion for photography is in all aspects of photography from landscape to portrait and street photography can be seen on my personal website www.brucelevick.com

New Life

My two month trip to Sumatra turned into a life changing event hand raising Bona every day for 7 months and then meeting my now wife. It is now close on 6 years since I came to Sumatra and still going strong.

NGO Projects

After realising how much work was needed here in Sumatra my wife and i created a local NGO to work more closely with the local government agencies to achieve better results. We have a lot of projects on the go so please check them out at www.berdiri.org.