Rest Stop

Not a bad view in Sumatra to take a rest on my way to delivering a box of additional supplements to one thirsty girl. All part of hand-raising a baby elephant. My Sumatran girlfriend at the time who is now my wife helped deal with the red tape to purchase a new ride for my trips back and forth to the elephant conservation center in Seblat. A four hour journey in all. I would spend approximately 2 weeks at the elephant conservation center before returning to pick up more supplies from the city. Very rewarding process to watch a baby elephant go from a skinny little thing to a fat, happy and playful girl due to my commitment to her cause. Now the commitment continues with our other projects. Link in the bio.

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I spent 7 months hand raising Bona and during those months I tried my darndest to implement a system for the two local (carers) mahouts so they could help with the daily milk feeds in the event of my absence when I needed to be back in the city. I succeeded in convincing one carer to provide regular feeds in that time but the second carer was a little more stubborn. It wasn’t until towards the end of the seven months that the second carer participated in a milk feed one afternoon.

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