On location delivering elephant conservation projects in PLG Seblat, Bengkulu. Projects that are officially supported and signed off on in an MoU by the government of Indonesia. You cannot tell by this photo how many rejections it took to get to this position. How many meetings, the time taken to work through all the loopholes. How many years of working through the system just to get here. This is actually years in the making this photo. Me in my official NGO tee actually achieving things and implementing projects at many points I never thought would be possible. Working through the doubters, the haters and the trolls. I could have easily given up and just focused on my photography but that will always be there. Starting from scratch creating my own local NGO with my Indonesian wife to finding enough funds and working through the system and juggling both not knowing if success will come. That is a stressful position to be in and a definite swim against the tide. I am committed to doing my part for these precious animals. It is only a small part but step by step we can implement projects that will help turn things around for the elephants of Sumatra. I thank you all for following along to this point. It only gets better from here. X



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Two new babies of Way Kambas


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Window of the Soul

The eyes can convey a million expressions. I have my own feelings about what the eye is telling me here. I want to know what you are seeing. What is the elephant feeling?

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Let’s TALK! #1

A lot of my photos include elements that for very obvious reasons people dislike. That’s just the nature of the situation and it’s natural for me to want to ducument the reality of the situation for the elephants be it good or bad. One of those issues is the use of bull hooks by the elephant carers in Sumatra. Some people argue (trust me they do) in the right hands and used correctly it is no problem while others argue that they should never ever be used and are a cruel method for directing an elephant. Well as my documentary work here keeps shifting gears and I find myself in more and more situations to actually help with my own projects I am quite interested to hear comments on this and the preferred alternatives. Please comment below…


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