Aceh is located in the western region of Sumatra and has a number of elephant camps scattered throughout the province due to the high rate of habitat destruction.

North Sumatra

Medan located in the north there are two elephant camps located in the province of North Sumatra. Tangkahan and Holiday Resort. Tangkahan is only 3 hours from the city of Medan and receives many eco tourists.


The Bengkulu province is located in the south west and has one elephant camp situated 4 hours from the city of Bengkulu. The camp is located on the TWA Seblat Conservation Area and is regularly patrolled by the staff for poachers and illegal logging.


Lampung is a province located in the south east area of Sumatra and is home to the large Way Kambas National Park. The province has two camps, one located on the outskirts of the Way Kambas National Park and one located on the Bukit Barisan mountain ranges. Both camps patrol designated conservation areas.


Jambi is a province in central Sumatra facing the east cost. Jambi is home to the Bukit Tigah Puluh national park where the conservation efforts for the remaining wild elephants include radio collaring wild herds.


Riau is an Indonesian province on the central eastern coast of Sumatra, facing the Strait of Malacca. It is home to the Tesso Nilo National park and the flying squad elephant patrol.