Elephants of Sumatra - The individuals


Aswita resided in the camp of PLG Seblat in North ... View photos


Azis is a young bull located in camp Saree of the ... View photos


Bona was discovered in an oil palm plantation in 2... View photos


Fitsa is one of the newest additions to the PLG Ho... View photos


Mega is a young female located near the Saree camp... View photos


Nelson the gentle giant and the king of PLG Seblat... View photos


Rosa a young female elephant of the Saree camp in ... View photos


Sadat is the largest captive elephant on the islan... View photos


Winggo is a young male of the PLG Saree camp in th... View photos


Yekti was discovered in the Way Kambas National pa... View photos

Documenting the Individuals:

There are over 500 individuals in captive elephant camps across Sumatra. They are there due to human and elephant conflict as a result of habitat loss for the wild elephants still remaining in the jungles of Sumatra. Wild elephants that wander into villages neighboring elephant habitats are captured and placed in government camps. I want to put faces to names and introduce you to those who are directly effected by the conflict within Sumatra.


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