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Currently the elephants of the Elephant Conservation Center in Seblat Bengkulu do not have sufficient resources to provide a safe environment for the elephants to mingle and given the opportunity to breed. The elephants are subsequently secured via chains at night time separately giving them no ability to mingle and of course adding to their stress levels. We have been working on a plan to help the local conservation agency correct this issue by providing an electric fence for the elephants to be placed in at night to mingle and be chain free. Giving the elephants the opportunity to breed and roam free from the chains. We are close to having our MoU signed with this project and many other projects to assist in the conservation efforts for the elephants of Sumatra. We already are halfway there for our funding and need just a little bit more to achieve our goal and have the fence built to provide a better life for these amazing animals.

Project Summary

Creating a manageable electric fence inside PLG Seblat for the safe keeping of the elephants. Creating the opportunity for a breeding program as well as improving the living standards for the elephants in the same process.

As a local NGO working to help in the conservation efforts of the Sumatran Elephant the Berdiri Foundation would like to assist PLG Seblat to continue in the conservation efforts for the elephants of Sumatra.

Assisting in this project Berdiri will help provide all logistics and funding to build an electric fence inside PLG Seblat.

Project Goals and Objectives

Overall project goal:

To assist BKSDA Bengkulu in the effective conservation efforts required to preserve the lives of the elephants of PLG Seblat. 

Through the project activities the following objectives shall be met:

  1. The successful completion of the build of an electric fence for the elephants.
  2. Electric fence to run off solar panels
  3. Implementing the program for management of the electric fence and the breeding program
  4. Providing a safe and viable habitat for the elephants to mingle and breed
  5. Allowing the elephants to be chain free
  6. Daily monitoring through cameras connected to mobile networks and mobile phone of the PLG coordinator and Berdiri staff
  7. Re-generation of king grass plantations to help provide food for the elephants every evening.

Project Activities, Methods and Timetable

In collaboration with PLG Seblat elephant carers and coordinators Berdiri will provide a working electric and re-generation of king grass plantations for food requirements.

Providing a place for elephants to mingle chain free

  • Build a self energising electric fence
    • Upon receiving logistics to build the fence. Transport the goods to PLG Seblat
    • Arriving with the logistics, equipment with 2-3 contractors from Berdiri to work alongside the elephant keepers for 3-4 days to build and implement the fence
    • Train the elephant keepers and elephants to safely use the electric fence without the need for chains for 1-2 days.
    • Berdiri will provide ongoing support to maintain the fence if the need for repairs or maintenance in required
    • Berdiri will provide the system to maintain the use of the fence consistently and regularly


Upon approval of the project the build materials will be ordered from Jakarta and arrive within 1 week. The goods along with contracts from Berdiri will then transfer to PLG Seblat and work with the local elephant handlers to implement the fence within 1 week.

PLG Seblat Electric Fence

Project Benefits

The following achievements will be reached by the proposed project:

  • Allowing the elephants to reside in a location where they will be allowed to mingle
  • Will give the opportunity to create a breeding program to help boost the conservation of the critically endangered Sumatran elephant.
  • Will provide a better quality of life not needing to be chained to a single location.
  • Fence will be self energising from solar power.
  • Monitoring camera traps to monitor the elephants in the fence for day and night monitoring. Cameras will send data to the mobile phone of the PLG manager and Berdiri for use in communication with donors.

Such achievements will significantly contribute to a potential breeding program and a better quality of life for the elephants of PLG Seblat.