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Supporting Human Elephant Conflict Mitigation and Protection of Sumatran Elephant Populations and Habitat through Assisting the larger project Elephant Response Units (ERU) in Way Kambas, Lampung Province, Sumatra.

Berdiri Foundation Support
As a new NGO in the fight to help in the conservation of the Sumatran Elephant the Berdiri Foundation would like to assist the Way Kambas ERU to continue their project and complete their goals to mitigate the HEC in and around the borders of the Way Kambas National Park.
Assisting in this project Berdiri will help provide and assist with operational funds for the ERU team and also additional tools to help provide better solutions to the HEC conflict in the surrounding areas.

Project Goals and Objectives
Overall project goal:
To assist in the effective mitigation and reduction of Human Elephant Conflict and its damaging impact on local communities surrounding the Way Kambas National Park and to contribute to a sustainable coexistence between elephants and the local communities

Through the project activities the following objectives shall be met:

Securing wild elephant habitat in the Way Kambas National Park and inreasing capacity of ERU teams to improve quality of forest protection
Reducing the vulnerability and increasing the capacity of local communities living in areas mostly affected by Human Elephant Conflict of sustainable Human Elephant Conflict mitigation strategies and elephant habitat conservation needs
Document wildlife and protected areas of the Way Kambas National Park using camera trap technology and drone photography
The use of drone technology to help mitigate the HEC in and around the Way Kambas National Park

This will be achieved by assisting the ERU team from the WK ECC for patrols and HEC mitigation activities.

Project Activities, Methods and Timetable
Objective 1: Financial assistance will be provided on a monthly basis for one year to help provide the logistics required to complete patrols successfully in the Way Kambas National Park to secure wild elephant habitat in the Way Kambas National Park and inreasing capacity of ERU teams to improve quality of forest protection

Assist with logistics for patrols every month
provide important logistics
Support the regular daily patrols to prevent HEC
Objective 2: Support the patrol units in the form of camera traps and thermal camera drone documentation for the period of one year helping provide important photographic documentation to justify the habitat protection as well as using thermal cameras to easily locate wild herds preventing HEC and even locating and arresting poachers inside the WKNP.

Photographic Documentation every 2nd month for one year
Support the ERU with photographic documentation helping the ERU to better locate the wild herds and poachers
Implementing camera trap technology into areas that are not patrolled to help decide on locations for future patrols
Every second month gather data from the camera traps and relocate traps to locations that are known habitats and game trails
Provide training on use of camera traps, drone and thermal camera
Camera trap implementation and data gathering
Successfully maintain, launch and fly quad drones
Use of FLIR camera and data gathering
Record keeping and monitoring of camera trap data and FLIR camera data

Co-ordination and Involvement

The Sumatran elephant is a protected species with the highest level of government and legal protection status. In Indonesia all protected species, including the Sumatran elephant, legally belong to the government and no private ownership is allowed. In terms of laws and protection status, there is no difference between captive and free ranging wildlife. In the central Government of Indonesia, the agency in charge is the national Agency for Forest Protection and Nature Conservation (PHKA), and in the different provinces this is represented by provincial Agencies for Nature Resource Conservation (BKSDA) and National Park Departments.

In Lampung, the Way Kambas ECC is part of the Way Kambas National Park and therefore under the authority of the Way Kambas National Park Department. Therefore the WK ERU units are operating under the WK ECC management having full government authority and legality for its operations.

The Berdiri Foundation is in the process of signing an MOU with the local