Hi All,
My name is Bruce Levick and I am a photographer with a passion for capturing this beautiful world from animals to people and landscape photography.
I have been residing in Sumatra for my 5th year now documenting and working with the amazing Sumatran elephant. From individuals to elephant camps and wild herds I have been traversing through the jungles of Sumatra to document these critically endangered animals to get a better understanding of their situation and the issues they face in their fight to survive.
This is the central place where I will post all my work, photography and videography for the elephants of Sumatra and of course asking for help with projects that we are responsible for or working to help. I have also created an online shop where you can purchase canvas prints and tee shirts that will help to fund this work. All money raised through here goes directly to supporting me and the projects I have to help raise awareness and create conservation solutions for the critically endangered elephants of Sumatra.

Places to find Elephants of Sumatra.

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