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Elephants of Sumatra

The Elephants of Sumatra are currently listed as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List. Every day their population is under increasing threat from habitat destruction through illegal logging and expanding oil palm concessions as well as the threat of poaching.

Elephants of Sumatra is a project developed to document, raise awareness and provide solutions on the ground in Sumatra for the last remaining elephants of Sumatra.

As we work towards solutions for the last remaining elephants of Sumatra we hope others can join us in helping save this incredible species from extinction.

Read about our current campaigns, the latest journal entries and get to know the individual elephants and give support for the orphans or buy products to help support these ongoing projects.

Journal and News


The critically endangered Sumatran elephant population of Seblat, North Bengkulu, Sumatra is under renewed threat due to the coal mining company PT INMAS ABADI trying to obtain 600 hectares of this protected forest to expand their coal output. This process is happening through local government avenues and we request immediate intervention from the highest levels of office in Indonesia to help maintain TWA Seblat Conservation and Landscape Area as it is intended to be. A habitat for the Sumatran elephant and many other endangered species.

The address for the President of the Republic of Indonesia and full letter is below along with the minister for the environment and forestry.

The letter in full is below and the can be
downloaded, printed and signed Here >>> LETTER OF PROTEST SAVE BONAS HOME